Sharon Garrison
Dallas, Texas  
(214) 912-9519

Email preferred unless rush.

Location: near the Galleria in Dallas

On-Camera Auditions:  $30 ($25 special LMT price.) 

Maximum of 30 minutes - begins at "slate." 

$10 extra for each quarter hour. 

Actors should be thoroughly prepared and bring 2 copies of sides, plus a copy of agent/CD submission and taping instructions from agent/CD. 

Submission format is Quicktime (.mov) and file will be submitted via YouSendIt, unless otherwise instructed. 

Special FTP upload instructions must be provided, and there is a $5 extra charge for taper to upload to Eco-Cast and NowCasting. 

No charge if you upload it yourself from your home computer.

VO Auditions: $25 (maximum of half hour on mic - begins at start of recording.)