MYSTIQUE (female, Poodle)


  • Vetericyn Commercial: Featured Animal Acto
  • Therapy dog
  • Stage experience 
  • Works very well with others
  • Extremely docile to the point where she can be held like a baby. 
  • Goes to work with her owner where she sleeps in her crate and doesn't make a peep. 
  • Knows the following tricks: High Five (both front paws), Roll Over (repeatedly and very quickly), Bang Bang (she lays down on her side), Curtsy, Speak, Spin, Figure 8, Dance Around (on hind legs while front paw is held), Leave it (treat is placed on top of her front paw and she won't eat until *ok* is spoken)
  • Jumps through hoops, Jumps over a stick
  • Putts golf ball with her nose



  • DOB: 2004
  • Height: 13" tall
  • Weight 9.6 lbs